When I came to Dr. Pangburn for treatment, I was walking like Quasimodo. I had had about every medical test available trying to determine why my hip was so painful. They all came back with the same results – no problem. Dr. Pangburn diagnosed the problem immediately, and proceeded to do something about it! Within two months I believe it was, I was walking almost straight, with very little pain. -- Gloria E.

Congratulations! If you’re in pain and want to allow your body to heal naturally, without drugs or surgery, then you’re in the right place….Chiropractic is the natural choice. Dr. Pangburn is a Board certified Chiropractic physician and physiotherapist, who has the experience and knowledge to help you have a much better quality of life with the best in non-invasive, safe and gentle techniques.

Chiropractic health care is based on the idea that the entire bodies function comes from the nervous system which enters your body via the spine. This system controls even the function of your organs! Imagine….you can actually help your immune system with Chiropractic care. While people often come to Red Mountain Chiro-Med because of neck or back pain, it’s not unusual to hear people comment that their sleep or digestion is better. This is the beauty of letting the WHOLE body function optimally!

Red Mountain Chiro-Med has a strong patient satisfaction rating in pain reduction and in educating families to live a balanced and happy life. We have an over 95% success rate at reducing pain in a short period of time.


What makes our office different from other Chiropractic/Medical offices? Our office is warm and happy and it’s full of families enjoying the process of finding a better health care option. We want every patient to know that their health care is in their hands and that through education we will make the best informed decisions together. Patients are not talked down to or their questions brushed aside. We make sure that every patient knows what the plan is and is happy with that decision.

Patients often settle for mediocre care, but that’s not the case in our office. We want people to know that the model of only going to the doctor to tend to symptoms simply does not work. Chiropractic care works best with a sensible dedicated approach. You may see us frequently at first, but our goal is to get your better fast and keep you better longer.

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