The massage therapists are fabulous here! After a massage and a treatment from Dr. Lynn, I always walk out feeling great. The office has such soothing music, comfortable surroundings and friendly staff that its always a pleasure to come here. I feel so much better and more energy since I’ve been coming here. Thanks for giving me back my health!
- Jan R.

When I came to Dr. Pangburn for treatment, I was walking like Quasimodo. I had had about every medical test available trying to determine why my hip was so painful. They all came back with the same results – no problem. Dr. Pangburn diagnosed the problem immediately, and proceeded to do something about it! Within two months I believe it was, I was walking almost straight, with very little pain.

Dr. Pangburn is very caring and very competent, as well as honest. Because of my goodly number of years as a waitress, I have abused my body; I will not be completely free of pain. However, here are times that I am, and the other times are so much better, I can only be thankful for Dr. Pangburn’s expertise.
- Gloria E.

Chiropractic has helped me to recover from two major motor vehicle accidents, a tornado, a mini-stroke and a total of four concussions from those accidents. It has also allowed me to keep working and reduce my near constant migraines to an occasional mild headache.
- Joseph L.

During my short stay in Arizona from Michigan this year, I’ve had a major personal event occur that increased a persistent headache and back problems.

After my first visit with Dr. Lynn Pangburn and massage therapist Charity, my headache was gone! My back problems after two more visits are being resolved! Thank you so much to the Red Mountain Chiro-Med team!!
- Kathy L.

Chiropractic care has removed the pressure on the back of my head and neck. It has helped me lower my sinus medication from twice daily to as needed, which is a huge improvement. I have had only one sinus headache in three months which is AWESOME!

I am now able to do the American crawl (a swimming stroke) without pain for the first time in over four years.

I’m sleeping better and have more energy for day to day activities and physical activities. Erin and Charity (Massage Therapists) are a great additional help.
- Jacey W.

For most of my adult life I have had neck and back pain caused by numerous injuries for which I have taken high amounts of over the counter pain relievers. In the short amount of time that I have been treated by Dr. Lynn and her staff (2 ½ months), I not only feel better, I have changed the way I exercise and eat. But the biggest benefit is that I no longer take the meds. I recommend chiropractic treatment to anyone and thank Dr. Lynn and her staff for all they have done for me.
- Keith O.

I went to Dr. Lynn because of lower back pain and muscle spasms. I wasn’t able to get much sleep even with muscle relaxants.

During one of my visits, Dr. Lynn took a look at my hands and shoulders. I told her I was contacting a surgeon for carpal tunnel surgery as well as surgery on my left rotator cuff. She then brought out her Cold Laser for those areas. After one treatment I could make a solid fist again, which I hadn’t been able to do for months. I could also take my thumb and touch each of my fingers to it with ease. It has helped the arthritis pain that had been developing in my fingers, wrist and elbows.

One thing I appreciate was Dr. Lynn’s ability and the time she took to explain the x-rays she took as well as comparing them to what’s normal. What also helped was the explanation of the area of my body, each part of the spinal column was connected to.

Her life altering treatments and therapy have left my body free to move more easily and sleep better. She gave me a better quality of life!
Thank you Dr. Lynn and staff!
- Naomi T.

I was amazed that after my first visit for my urinary, bowel and sexual function issues, everything was right back on track! I was in disbelief!
Thanks to Dr. Lynn
- B. B.

I have suffered from shoulder pain for over 25 years. Pain medication, cold and heat therapy and physical therapy did little to relieve the pain. After one Cold Laser treatment the pain has significantly decreased. Range of motion has greatly improved. I’m waiting to see what happens with the next treatment. I’m impressed.
- Jim S.

Words cannot express how much I have truly appreciated having you as my Chiropractor. God has blessed you with a gift that you have perfected well! I SO wish I could take you with me to Kentucky.

I just wanted you to know you will be surely missed! And thanks to your wonderful staff, they have been a delight to see every visit. You really made me feel special. I will miss you all.

Blessings to all of you,
- Shanna K.

Thanks so much for your help and that of your wonderful staff. My back is MUCH better and the adjustments and exercises helped so much. I’m back to Pilates and losing the weight again. A broken leg at 55 years old has been hard to bounce back from, but I feel almost fully recovered. We love our pillows too (my husband and I).

Thanks so much!
- Lorraine H.

To the AWESOME TEAM at Red Mountain Chiro-Med:

Thank you for:
Lifting my spirits every time I visit your office!
Hiring your massage therapist, Erin. She’s great.
Chiro Flow Pillows!
Abundant joy and smiles!
Infinity and beyond!

- Rick S.

Love Dr Lynn!! She has a great personality and her receptionist was very friendly!

The doctors, therapists, and staff at Red Mountain Chiro-Med sincerely care about their patients. You are treated with great respect. Communication is important between patient and doctor. Dr. Pangburn and Dr. Mears take great care in understanding your concerns. They never give up on your individual treatment!

I have cried, laughed, and most importantly, continued to heal due to the treatment modules available.
I am sincerely grateful.

I would highly recommend Red Mountain Chiro-Med. I am artist and experience back pain from my work, if it not for RMCM I would not be able to be nearly as productive as I am. I have seen Dr. Lynn for years and she is a caring and professional doctor that you can trust. The whole staff is 5 star.
- D. H.

It was your attention to detail that stabilized my diabetic condition. Other doctors had missed subtle but important signs that you were able to interpret. As a result, I am feeling much better and much more alert. Thank you so much !!!
- Bill

Thank you for providing such great patient care. I had many questions along the way and you always kept me informed. I have learned to eat healthy and make better choices. It was exactly what I needed to start this new chapter in my life. I have even started exercising regularly and am off medication! Thank you so much.
- Kim

I had the privilege and opportunity to participate in one of your creative writing seminars. I was amazed at the creative response you brought out in your students, including me. Then, on another occasion as a teacher, I saw you work with Mexican high school students as you stirred their creativity and excited their intellect. You are a rare person.

Thank you for being my doctor. It means a lot to me that you will come to ME at my home. I feel calmer just being in your presence, and you explain everything so I can understand.
- June L.