Chiropractic care has helped me to recover from two major motor vehicle accidents, being caught in a mobile home during a tornado even a mini-stroke. These accidents resulted in a total of four concussions. It has also allowed me to keep working and has reduced my migraines to occasional headaches. -- Joe L.

At Red Mountain Chiro-Med we feel that Chiropractic care and Therapeutic Massage are both wonderful tools for healing, but joining the two is a POWERFUL force to get the very best results possible. Massage assists our healing in many ways: it melts away tension by breaking down years of adhesions (scar tissue), relieving pain and discomfort. This relief helps us relax physically, mentally, and emotionally. Massage improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, thus improving the flow of nutrients to the tissues and the removal of toxins from the body. It improves flexibility and joint range of motion, reduces inflammation, and improves muscle tone.
Incorporating Therapeutic Massage to your health plan is a good way to make BETTER HEALTH MADE SIMPLE.

Red Mountain Chiro-Med also has monthly massage specials using different treatment options. (Ask if your insurance covers medical massage.)

We are proud to offer:

• Balance and Relaxation Massage • Swedish
• Reflexology • Accupressure
• Craniosacral Therapy • Lymphatic Massage
• Cancer Massage • Facial Massage
• Aromatherapy • Hot Oil Scalp Massages
• Structural Rehabilitation • Deep Tissue
• Sports Massage • Russian Sports Massage Therapy
• Neuromuscular Therapy • Structural Integration
• Movement Assessment • Repatterning Therapy
• Fibromyalgia Therapy • Prenatal Massage
• Hydrotherapy • Cold Stone Massage
• Ice Massage • Cryotherapy
• Shiatsu • Tai Massage
• Chair Massage • Hand Or Foot Polishand Massage
• Hand Or Foot/Elbow Paraffin Treatment  

Call 480-924-7632 to ask about our special of the month!