One thing I appreciate was Dr. Lynn’s ability and the time she took to explain the x-rays she took as well as comparing them to what’s normal. Her life altering treatments and therapy have left my body free to move more easily and sleep better. She gave me a better quality of life! -- Naomi T.

Your present level of wellness is in large measure a reflection of your values, priorities, choices, habits and time management. We can help you by developing a plan to accomplish these goals. Determine how and where you will use your time to fulfill your wellness plan goals. If you cannot realistically make or find time to complete your goals, then revise your goals to adapt to your values, priorities, choices, habits and available time. Values, priorities, choices and habits are the real lifestyle arena of wellness and health promotion. Positive change will occur in the context of this arena. Prioritizing your time realistically will help you achieve success in planning for wellness and health. We are looking forward to your success and anticipate that you will also help others achieve success. We will celebrate our success together.

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